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There are a lot of opinions and information out there in regards to ceramic coatings. The best way I can answer this for you is in the acronym of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). The simplest way to explain to a client what a ceramic coating will do for them is how it creates a chemically bonding structure to your paint to protect it from the harsh Calgary environment we see day to day. Secondly, you will see a huge difference in the depth of your gloss and the shine it creates. Lastly, self-cleaning properties. No, please don’t let that phrase fool you, it will not clean itself, however, it creates a super hydrophobic shield that will make water glide right off. With that being said, dirt, mud, insects and day to day environmental contaminants will not bond to your paint as easily, and if it does stick, it will be much easier to wash off without any aggressive methods. The less we touch your cars paint, the better it will look and continue to look.

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Think of ceramic coating as a much harder and longer lasting version of wax. The automotive industry first evolved with conventional waxes, then next was sealants, then now ceramic coatings. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going down the route of wax and sealants. My first question to my client is “How long are you going to keep your vehicle?” That usually narrows it down to one of the three protectants. Also, budget plays a factor, but keep in mind we carry a vast array of coatings that last anywhere from three months, all the way up to ten years will little to no maintenance. Sealants and waxes are great, but can be worn down much faster than coatings due to climate change, harshness of soap being used, and no real protection against environmental hazards.

The key to properly installing ceramic coating is ensuring the paint is as corrected as possible before we begin installing the coatings. This is done through the method of paint correction. You’ve heard common phrases such as polishing, cutting or power polishing your vehicle. These are all characteristics of the paint correction process. In some cases, wet sanding may be required for very damaged paint. Please take a look at our paint correction section to learn more of this service.

Installing ceramic coating to a vehicle can be done by most detailers. However, proper paint correction is done correctly with experience. Ensure your vehicle is being serviced by a qualified and experienced detailer. If your paint is not corrected, the coating will just go over existing scratches, and enhancing those scratch marks