Auto Detailing Calgary

With our detailing packages, we only use the finest materials and PH balanced solutions on your vehicle. After doing an inspection of the vehicle, we can begin narrowing down which products will be best suited for the job and type of vehicle/paint. By regularly detailing your car, you help reduce the chance of stains left unattended, bacteria and mold lingering in your vehicle, protecting the value of your car and having a cosmetically beautiful car.

If you're planning to sell your vehicle, you can increase your asking price by simply having a clay service done with a 2 stage polish, which will remove light swirl and scratch marks, and then sealed with our premium wax or sealant. This helps make your car looking brand new, and potential buyers will appreciate a vehicle that has been professionally detailed to bring back that factory shine! There's no better feeling then sitting inside an immaculate vehicle, knowing that it was professionally cared for. Have your car professionally detailed to avoid improper washing techniques, which can lead to scratches and damage to your vehicles appearance.

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Detailing Packages:

Express Complete | $89*
Exterior and interior Clean – Tires Dressed – Windows Cleaned – Vacuuming – Floor Mats Cleaned

Deluxe Complete | $209*
Express Complete – Chrome Tips Polish – Hand Waxing – Air Vent Steam Clean – Detailed Rim Clean

Superior Complete | $289*
Deluxe Complete – Engine Shampoo and Wash – Carpet Shampoo – Leather Conditioning

A La Carte Menu
Paint Correction | $89/hr*
Remove swirl marks, small scratches and holograms

Clay Bar | $199*
Removes surface contamination followed by hand applied wax

Polishing | $89/hr*
Removes light haze – Swirl marks – Restores paint gloss

Hand Waxing | $99*
Protects clear coat and paint from elements and environmental hazards

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