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  • Basic Coverage | Hood – Fenders – Mirrors

    Deluxe Coverage | Basic plus – Front bumper

    Superior Coverage | Deluxe plus – A-Pillars – Roof – Head & Fog lights

    Ultimate Coverage | Superior – Full Hood – Full Fenders

    Platinum Coverage | Entire vehicle wrapped top to bottom

    **All packages include: all leading edges wrapped- self healing top coating film which is defect – 10 year warranty

  • Protect your investment. Keeping your vehicle’s interior clean is just as important keeping the exterior clean. It is an essential part of preventative maintenance. A dirty cabin not only looks and smells bad, it can also contribute to operational issues. Dirty air vents will spread bacteria, dust and other allergens throughout the cabin. Filmy windows and mirrors will obstruct the driver’s view. Grit and grime will eventually work its way inside buttons and switches, causing them to fail. Nobody enjoys being inside of a dirty vehicle. Imagine being stuck on the highway in traffic, would you rather be inside a clean, soft and inviting interior? Or would you prefer to be in a cabin filled with dust, body oils, sweat, odor and bacteria floating in the air? I would guess the former. Make an impression. Call us for a free quote 403.719.8288
  • By installing PPF (paint protection film) on your vehicle, this thin layer of protective material will help protect your cars paint from rock chips, road hazards, and minor scuffs. The brands that we carry are XPEL Ultimate, 3M Pro Series and Suntek Ultimate, which all have self healing properties, meaning with light scratches, all you need to do is apply some heat and the plastic film will heal itself. All three brands also carry a 10 year manufactures warranty. As well, our PPF comes in a clear finish, which will not effect the appearance or performance of your vehicle. Protect your paint and investment, and have pride of ownership on your vehicle. With Calgary's harsh road conditions, having PPF installed on your vehicle is a must!

    Make an impression. Call us for a free quote 403.719.8288

  • Windows, Rear solid, 2 Front Windows, Back Windows, All Windows (except windhsield)


  • There are a lot of opinions and information out there in regards to ceramic coatings. The best way I can answer this for you is in the acronym of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). The simplest way to explain to a client what a ceramic coating will do for them is how it creates a chemically bonding structure to your paint to protect it from the harsh Calgary environment we see day to day. Secondly, you will see a huge difference in the depth of your gloss and the shine it creates. Lastly, self-cleaning properties. No, please don’t let that phrase fool you, it will not clean itself, however, it creates a super hydrophobic shield that will make water glide right off. With that being said, dirt, mud, insects and day to day environmental contaminants will not bond to your paint as easily, and if it does stick, it will be much easier to wash off without any aggressive methods. The less we touch your cars paint, the better it will look and continue to look. Call us today to book an appointment and get your car protected!
  • Also known as swirl mark removal or machine polishing, paintwork correction is the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint to produce a more refined finish. Paint correction can involve either the hand or machine application of varying grades of cleanser, polish or compound. The majority of work is usually done with rotary machine polishers to get the best level of correction. A dual action polisher may be used in the refining portion of the job. Good paint correction requires a high degree of skill and concentration, but done properly, it really can transform the look of a car by dealing with (amongst other things); hard water marks, etching caused by bird muck or fly squash, swirl marks, scratches and fading. Paint correction is also a much better financial option then to have your vehicle repainted. Some cars can cost up to $15,000 for a full proper repaint, where paint correction done correctly can correct up to 95% of defects and start at $350. The process of paint correction begins with examining the paint and reviewing how deep the scratches are. We always do this with our clients in person to set the expectation of what can be removed and what cannot be removed. The simple rule is, if you cannot feel the scratch with your nail, we can correct the paint. We then begin by doing a complete paint decontamination, clay bar, cutting the paint, polishing the paint, another wash to remove excess dust, degrease wipe down to remove oils left from the polishing and then a sealant and wax to complete the process. The final step (sealant or wax) can also include ceramic coating. Please review our ceramic coating section for more information. Call us for a free quote 403.719.8288