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Bronze $150*


• Hand wash and hand dry using a two-bucket system
• Pressured air dry to ensure vehicle’s paint is as safe as possible
• Rims washes and tire’s degreased
• Tire dressing
• SI02 sealant installed on full exterior to create high gloss
• SI02 sealant on windshield to creating beading effect and hydrophobic shield


• Complete steam application of interior to ensure all small crevasses have been cleaned
• Interior vacuum
• Doorjambs degreased and cleaned
• Final wipe down with dedicated vinyl, leather or textile cleaner.


Silver $250*

Includes all features of the Bronze Package PLUS:


• Full paint decontamination (chemical bath and clay bar), including rims • Rims detailed
• Wheel wells degreased and shampooed
• Hand installed wax to create high-def gloss with hydrophobic properties


• Carpet shampoo


Gold $600*

Includes all features of Bronze and Silver, PLUS:

• Single stage paint correction
• Second hand wash to ensure all dust and degreased removed during paint correction process • Fusso Wax installed by hand (12-month life with normal day to day driving and washing)
• Engine detailed and dressed
• Chrome tips polished

• Exterior plastics dressed and conditioned

Interior (ONLY Gyeon products used on Top Tier Package)
• All plastics and vinyl are now shampooed and aggravated, versus wipe down • Seat shampoo (leather or fabric)
• Headliner shampooed
• Fabric guard installed on fabric seats (if required)
• Leather condition, sealant, and wax installed on all leather
• Fabric guard on all textiles to protect against spills and stains
• Final vacuum to ensure all areas are clear of any debris


* Starting at  *Extra charges for larger vehicles, excessive dirtiness and excessive pet hair

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